New workbench with sander & drill press

Son of a bench

My project this week is setting up a new power tool bench in my workshop. First, the sad “before” picture.

Workshop with old, sad, cluttered workbench

The side workbench, that the drill press is sitting on, was in the house when my wife and I moved in in 2003. It could very well be older than I am. As much as I respect the previous owner’s DIY skill for making a homemade workbench last half-a-century-ish, it was time for an upgrade.

Workshop with shiny new uncluttered workbench

The new workbench is built from McMaster-Carr pieces, around a 30″ x 96″ benchtop. The drill press and the new belt/disc sander go on this side (previously I just had the sander stashed under a table and put it on my workmate to use it) and there’s room to add a saw. I kind of want to get a small bandsaw but haven’t decided between that and a scroll saw.