Decisions about Airfest

I’ve decided a couple of things:

  • I decided not to try my first two-stage flights at Airfest. I’m now aiming to have Gravity’s Just a Habit ready by October and fly it at our local field first. I’ve put a lot of careful work into it, but first flights are first flights. If it’s going to fail, I want it to fail in front of a smaller audience.
  • I’m going to wait until around a week before the event and then start looking at what the weather is likely to be. If the weather is going to be perfect or close to it, I’ll still go down to the event and just fly the Kerbal rocket. If it’s going to be 90+ degrees or rainy, I’m gonna skip it.

That takes the pressure off of trying to get GJaH done in the next three or so weeks, which was starting to look like a crunch (I still need to sand down the fillets, mount the camera, prime and paint everything, apply vinyl, and ground test). And between COVID travel anxiety and the less-than-ideal field conditions this year, I’m not feeling too motivated to put the effort into the trip if the weather’s going to be unpleasant on top of it.